Episode 341

Published on:

26th Apr 2024

341: Nourish Your Brain: Understanding the Links Between Diet and Mental Health - Dr. Georgia Ede

Change your diet, change your mind?

As a nutritional and metabolic psychiatrist, Dr. Georgia Ede specializes in addressing the dietary and metabolic root causes of mental health conditions.

We discuss:

  • The impact of food on mental health
  • The link between insulin resistance and mental health
  • Blood sugar and brain health
  • Children's nutrition and what we can't see
  • How dietary choices impact mental health issues like anxiety and depression
  • What we have wrong about antioxidants and oxidative stress
  • Brain superfoods - is there such a thing?
  • Protein and the importance of essential amino acids
  • Where to start if you're seeking to improve your mood and mental health

Show notes: www.onairella.com/post/341-diet-mental-health

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